8 Things You Need To Know To Get Inspired and Stay That Way!

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

8 Things you need to know to get inspired and stay that way
Stay patient and trust your journey

Years ago I read a quote that has resonated with me from that day to now. I don't remember the exact wording but the point that was being made is that every day we are reborn with infinite possibilities and opportunities to MOVE toward our goals. Reflecting on the past is fruitless and counterproductive. And trust me...I know that easier said than done but so is a lot of what we do as nurses and guess what....

We still get the job done. So, I'd like to ask you to find whatever that secret is that motivates you most in life, tap into that energy, and MOVE past the point of resistance....((that ...that...thing or person that keeps holding you back))....so you can do the work you were created to do.

If you're having a hard time finding that source, let me share with you some things I've realized through trial and error over the years that have helped me MOVE into my purpose. These 8 things inspire and motivate me to continually work proactively on "becoming"...

Michelle Obama knew exactly what she was doing by using that word as the title to her bestselling memoir. Becoming is defined as the process of coming to be something or ANY PROCESS OF CHANGE! As conscientious beings, we're always embarking on a journey of self-discovery or self-improvement. One should always desire to be better today than they were yesterday. But in order to become a butterfly, you've got to shake off those old worn out caterpillar suits.

Ready for the 8 things that have literally changed my life?.....Let's go!!!

Life is Good

Your very existence is divine. There is no species on Earth more divine and powerful than you. You possess the ability to change your life, your circumstances, your dreams, and desires at the drop of a dime. All it takes is a willingness and commitment to MOVE towards your goals and the discipline to see it through.

Keep negativity away from your door

Have you ever met a person who always had something negative to say about everything? They are absolutely exhausting. If you say it's a beautiful day, they'll remind you of how hot it's going to be later. If you tell them you're hoping for a good night at work, they'll remind you of how terrible Saturday nights always are at work....These people are what I call energy-zappers, peace-snatchers, and misery-makers. Avoid them at all costs.

You have bigger and better on the horizon and the negative energy surrounding nay-sayers, gossipers, and pessimists have no place in your journey. Take a look at your 5 closest friends or associates. If your tribe doesn't have the same level of motivation and inspiration as you, well you know the rest....

You can learn a lot of great lessons from a few fucked up people

Every misstep, mistake, mishap, misdirection served to make you the person you are today. You're a work in progress. You are not your past or the people who were in it. You are a manifestation of the strength that was required to rise above your past AND the people who were in it! Take what nourishes your soul from those lessons learned and leave the rest where it belongs......IN YOUR PAST!

People are losing faith in faith and faiths

Don't be afraid to challenge what you've been told and/or taught. Find your truth and blossom. For years I was afraid to study different religions and customs. If it didn't line up with the religion I was born and raised into, I didn't want any parts of it. Boy, did I do myself a disservice. There's so much that can be gained from exploring different cultures and practices. Chanting like a Buddhist or practicing yoga like a Hindu shaman all have helped me lead a more richer, focused and fulfilling life...without losing who I am and WHOSE I AM

Where the mind goes the body follows

Early morning meditation has become an integral part of my day. Establishing your intention for the day, before your feet ever hit the floor, is the perfect defense mechanism for handling the stressors you sometimes face day to day... "I choose to enjoy this day, meet others where they are, and love this life I've been gifted."

People can only give you what they feel

Every wonder why people hold grudges, dislike you for no reason, or aren't genuine and want to see you fail.... Short answer - DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THEM! Be it misery, negativity, anger, joy, peace or love; learn to meet people where they are and accept them for who they are. STOP allowing THEIR "feelings" to permeate and disturb who you are. Accept them or at the least accept that you cannot change them. If removing yourself secures your peace, re-MOVE yourSELF.

Watch your thoughts

Thoughts manifest into words. The words manifest into deeds. Deeds develop into character. Let all thoughts be a manifestation of love for yourself and compassion and empathy for others. Always remain on THIS side of right...

Happiness is your birthright

IT'S A CHOICE!.... Let me say it again for the people in the back IT'S A CHOICE!!! ....your choice. The first step is your decision to simply BE HAPPY; it's an internal manifestation. Stop looking for a person or thing to create what you already possess. The world can't give it to you nor take it.

Here's to an abundance of success in all your future endeavors!!



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